Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Great "Steamboat" Race

Every year, for as long as I can remember, as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival, they have held a Steamboat race between the Belle of Louisville and the Delta Queen. Last year, the Delta Queen was retired for good and is no longer taking part in this long tradition. This year, Michael and I decided to take the kids to the river to see the racing "steamboats" come back from their trip up river. Last year, for the 4th of July the entire Goodman family had tickets for a cruise on the Belle and we had a really good time. The boys and Eden really enjoyed watching the river go by from the top deck of the boat. Tyler and Jacob couldn't stop telling us about how we all went on this boat last year.
Here is another picture of the two boats, the replacement for the Delta Queen was the Belle of Cincinnati, not a steam driven boat, but it does have a paddle wheel like the Belle of Louisville does. It was clearly no contest. I don't know if the race was closer going up the river than it was coming back but the Belle of Louisville was way ahead of the Belle of Cinci. as it passed under the bridges in Jeffersonville. To be fair, I have to mention that because the Cinci Belle has a diesel engine, it had to start behind the Belle of Lou. as a "handicap". Maybe next year the "handicap" won't be such a wide gap between the two.
Jeffersonville has a really nice lawn set up at the riverfront that isn't really a park per say, but it is a nice looking area to enjoy the comings and goings on the river. The kids really enjoyed being able to run in the grass and watch the ducks and geese float along on the river and the driftwood that Tyler was convinced was a fish. Here are a few shots of the kiddos having a good time.
We tried really hard to keep them all three, especially Jacob, behind this little fence. The river is right on the other side of this fence and Jacob would be the one to "fall" in and I'm just not up for a swim in the mighty Ohio.

Michael asked Eden if she wanted to take some pictures. She forgot to bring along her own camera so daddy let her use his. Just let me say, Honey, I'm so proud that you are the father of my children, you are a wonderful dad and I couldn't have picked a better man for the job. Also, I'm so proud of Eden. I remember Glenda offering to let Michael and I use her Nikon before we got our own camera and both of us were so intimidated by it. Eden took this camera from her daddy, put the strap around her neck and figured out how to find her subject in the viewfinder and click away! How smart is this little girl!?! And fearless to boot!

And one of my favorite shots from our visit to the river. Is there anything sweeter than a picture of a child's hand protected by a man? Another good reason for this to be my favorite shot is that thigh!!!!!! That awesome thigh reaches right up his leg and turns itself into a really great butt! :o)


  1. Its not Hugh Jackman caliber, but he does have a pretty nice thigh!! Don't tell him I said that...