Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So much for a light work week.

So, at this point everyone knows that I work as a legal secretary for a wonderful attorney in Jeffersonville. This week is "Derby Week" in Kentuckiana, so we have a pretty light schedule according to Mickey's calendar, and the truth is, as I'm the one who schedules the appointments, I kind of designed it to be a light week for several reasons.

1. We have a new attorney moving into the building with us this week and we need to rearrange furniture and file away all of the files that we aren't using and the documents that go into the files. (This is a huge job and it will take several hours.)

2. It's Derby Week, and while the Derby does not excite me, it does excite a large group of people in this area and scheduled appointments tend to become missed appointments.

3. I was hoping to get to the bottom of my "to do" pile this week.

As I'm sure you have deduced on your own, the first two days of this week were not the nice, laid back, get a ton of work done days that I intended for them to be. So please, cross your fingers, say a little prayer, do what ever luck bringing thing you do, and hope along with me that the next three days, that only have three scheduled appointments total, stay slow days and we manage to get the office in order and ready for the new tenants and that I can clear my desk, because my new desk is half the size! If I had smileys I could add to this post it would be a smiley with great big, wide open, surprised eyes and a tongue hanging out. Or one that is yanking it's hair out! LOL


  1. Hair yanking smileys...what a great idea!

  2. We should work together on the artwork and see if we can't make some change. As in Moolah! :o)