Monday, April 20, 2009

The Macro lens

To Louise and Amy, I'm really sorry to keep posting about the camera and lenses but I have to put these pictures on here! I say I'm sorry because I know that once you decide that you have to have one of these cameras it becomes an urgency that you just have to have it right now. So I guess I should be apologizing to Tim and Chad. Anyway, Michael has been jonesing for a new lens and he knows how much I LOVE macro shots so when he went to Murphy's today, he discussed the lenses that we currently have and asked the sales clerk which one she would recommend. She said hands down, you need to have this lens. It is L series quality and we can't figure out why they don't just put the L on it.

So, we went to test it out. The Clarksville Town Hall has these really nice ponds out in front and several ducks and swans have made it their home. I love ducks, especially the mallards with the curly tail feathers. I just think they are so cute. I tried to get a good picture and this one is the best I could come up with. These ducks aren't like the ones in Myrtle Beach that are used to all the attention and will just set still and let you take their picture all day long. This one is actually in the process of cussing me out because I have disturbed his peace. But see his cute little curly tail feathers?!? I also love the shiny emerald color of their heads and the beautiful shade of blue on (or is it under) the wing.

We also made another trip to the Lowe's for more macro pictures of the flowers. By the way, here is the other shot of the orange bloom in the yellow lily's. I don't know if it was a potted orange lily that was just sitting in the middle of all the yellow or if it was a yellow lily that had a orange lily sharing it's pot but I thought that it was wonderful to see that shot of color in all of that sunny yellow.

Here is another picture with the macro lens. It is amazing the shots that you can get with this thing. These are the lollipop gerbera that I took some shots of when we were up there on Saturday. In the two days that have passed these blooms that were white (take a look at my post about the yard) have started turning this awesome variegated pink. It looks like a gradual saturation of color. Flowers are amazing!

Another one of my favorite things to take photos of is clouds. Michael actually took this picture for me because I was driving and we were sitting in the Sonic drive-thru getting a cherry coke. I love these particular clouds. They are just my kind of "dreamy" clouds. I like to dream that I am lounging in these clouds. They look so nice and fluffy and solid. I could lay on the ground all day and gaze up at these clouds, imagining myself laying in one where it is nice and peaceful with no kids talking incessantly about nothing in particular, just talking because they like the sound of their own voice. Speaking of the little devils, here is a picture that we took of them. I would have to say that this is probably the all time, best picture that we have taken of them so far, and by some miracle of God, they are actually being nice to each other, both are looking at the camera and Jacob isn't squeezing Tyler so tight that his eyes are popping out of his head. (Did I mention he's my mischief maker? ;o), cuz he's totally the one who gets it started.)

Is this not totally adorable?? I know it seems that Eden hasn't been getting much face time. Part of that is because she has spent the entire weekend with family members. She got to spend the night with Grandma Ruth on Friday and then spent the night with her Aunt Glenda (Mike's sister) both Saturday night and last night. I will have to dedicate a whole post to her in the very near future so that she doesn't feel neglected. Or should I say, so that I don't feel like I have neglected her. The poor thing. She's so self sufficient, I don't have to worry about her and her brothers truly are the "parent hogs". I try to make sure that I do something special just with her, but sometimes, the time just slips away from us.

Here are a few more pictures from today's trip to the Lowe's. Enjoy, and I will blog again tomorrow.

Michael felt sorry for this little guy and said that I should take it's picture to show the depth of field. He was right. He has a good eye for amazing shots! I love you honey. Thank you for finding something that we love to do together!

This picture is of the light fixture in our dining room. I was standing under it and probably 3 feet from it with camera pointing up at the ceiling. Does it not look like I am resting the camera on the light bulb? Like I said, AMAZING shots with this lens. Amy, don't zoom in on this one. I can already see the dust from here. In my defense, when you dust this particular light fixture, it zaps you. It's an old house, and old wiring, I'm positive that has something to do with it.


  1. Did I mention I am LIVING WITH MY PARENTS? No dust critisism from me! Love the macro lens! First a DSLR...then expensive lenses ;)

  2. i hate taking pictures but i love to look at all of your pictures. I LOVE the duck shot. so funny. He does looked ticked.

  3. ps that above is me BETH. would not let me sign my name .

  4. He was so mad! He kept looking over his shoulder at me giving me the harry eye! It was hilarious!