Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Pictures of Weekend Activities

First is the honey bee that was playing in the dandelions in the front yard on Saturday morning. Let me remind everyone again that I am allergic to all bees. I actually sat down on the ground so that I could get these shots. It's totally silly of me to be so fascinated by these little poisonous beasts but click on this picture to make it bigger and you will see that this little guy is completely covered in pollen.

Also, I never really took a close up picture of a dandelion before. When you take a close up look... they are actually pretty interesting flowers. Look how the leaves protect the pollen holders. That little bee had to bury it's head in the center of the flower to get the pollen he needed. It was pretty cool to watch him work. I'm pretty sure that I won't have a shortage of these weeds in my yard this summer. All three of my kids are completely fascinated with the little white ones that you blow and the little seeds go everywhere. As a matter of fact. Eden loves to pull several of them up at a time and then she holds them in the palm of her hand and likes to watch
them blow in the breeze.
  1. This picture was taken at Sounds of Water. They are a lawn pond specialty place just outside of New Albany as you head towards Sellersburg. This fountain is actually made out of stone pillars. Tyler and Jacob loved this thing because the water comes out of it so fast and so hard that it was splashing their legs. Big time fun for little guys. The also loved this place because the path ways are covered in small gravel. The fun kind that is so dusty that it makes your shoes white. They love to put their hands in it and scoop it up and let the dust fly and then proceed to walk over and put those dusty little hands on your dark colored pants. Doesn't that sound like fun? :o)

This is a picture of one of the Koi fish in one of the ponds at the sounds of water place. This fish is probably everybit of a foot long, and obviously, the picture just doesn't do the vibrant colors justice. It's taken through water and there is a glare but he was so pretty I had to try. Mom used to have a garden pond in her front yard. Seeing these fish made her want to put another one in.

Next are the pictures of Erin in her prom dress. Two years in a row she picked out really pretty prom dresses and two years in a row she picked out dresses that had some kind of bead work or embellishment that was sure to irritate that delicate skin that is between the underarm and the elbow on the underside of your arm. The dress was beautiful but she had a rash before she ever pulled out of the drive way. Michael and I were both taking pictures so Erin is looking at me and mom is looking at Michael. Go figure!

This is my favorite picture. I love the look on her face in this one. She is imitating Jacob and doing a really excellent job of it I might add! I think Mom and Steve were both ready to be done with all the picture taking but I would like to say... you know how we are. Give us a camera and something pretty to take pictures of and we become part Japanese. (Like Amy, I know that is not very PC to say, but, I feel like it's fairly true. Any trip I've ever taken and seen someone of Asian decent, they have a really great camera taking pictures of everything!) It's not like they don't already know this.

Last but not least. Sunday morning we went to the Wal-Mart in Clarksville and drove past the Clarksville Town hall again. There were baby ducks there this time and I couldn't resist the urge to try to capture a picture of these adorable little creatures. It amazes me that something so tiny can swim around on top of the water just like the big ducks do. It seems totally effortless.

I tried my best to give this momma all the room that she needed. I know how I am about strangers and my babies but I had to get just a little bit closer so that I could see the babies. As you can see, she noticed me and is in the process of turning around to stand over her babies and honk at me to get the he!! out of her personal space. I didn't get any closer because I didn't want her to leave their side and I left right after I took this shot so that she could go right back to protecting them. There are several other ducks and some really big geese that hang out in this pond and I didn't want to leave them vulnerable. If you click on the picture you can see at least three tiny little heads.


  1. Wow! The detail on that bee is amazing! And I love the one of Eden, with the white stuff blowing in the wind LOL. I love her name, by the way. I remember when mom told me you were naming your baby Eden...I was so impressed! Love it!
    Also, you are totally correct about the Japanese/Asians with their cameras. They are awesome like that, and the nicest people to offer to take a picture of your family for you. And trustworthy, so you know you're getting that camera back!

  2. Eden and Tyler were my two favorite names for as long as I can remember and I told my two best friends in high school when I was like 15 that my little girl would be Eden and my little boy would be Tyler, when we found out it was twin boys I had to find another boy name we both liked and Michael came up with Jacob.

  3. I like the same ones as Amy. I have tried to get some pictures of stuff in water before and it is totally frustrating because the glare can screw everything up.

  4. Water pictures are a complete pain in the butt because the water has to be almost completely still and it needs to be a little overcast so that the glare isn't so bad. It's near impossible.