Sunday, April 19, 2009

The front yard.

We welcomed the weekend with a trip to the Lowe's and took the camera along.
I have this unreasonable dislike of the Japanese Maple in my front yard. Here is a picture of it.
We have trimmed it up and it's starting to look a little better but it definately ranks as the worst Japanese Maple on the block. As evidence of that statement, here is a picture of one of the other three or four on the block.

A very nice, large tree that is full and not puny and not the pathetic little "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" that I have in my front yard. So, we are looking for some pretty flowers to put in to "dress up" the front yard so that we will love taking care of it instead of neglecting it like we tend to do.

I would love to plant tulips under the tree and may do that in the fall so that we will have beautiful blooms in the spring next year.

Until then, we are going to pull out several bushes that are beyond reshaping and saving. In their place I will be planting these Lilly's that are such a beautiful shade of peach that the picture doesn't even do them justice.

They are so pretty, I can't wait to get them put in. They look pink above and peach in the cart with the boys. I don't know. It was over cast and rainy today in the pic. above and sunny and warm with the boys.

Here are a few more pictures of flowers that I didn't buy any of, mainly because they are annuals and they won't come back next year but that I still loved because they are such beautiful colors.

A shout out goes to Amy who discoverd that if you click on the pictures in the blog you can zoom in on them. Amy, zoom in on the yellow lillys and check out the one orange bloom. It was georgeous!
To Amy and Louise, I need help dressing this thing up a bit and I want to know if there is a way to add the pictures in where you left the cursor instead of having to move them from the top of the page to where you want them. Thanks for all your help! Love ya girls.


  1. I actually prefer your Japanese unique! Reminds me of those other Japanese trees...ugh. My brain just died and I can't remember the word. LOL! Going to bed, try again tomorrow!
    For some reason the picture you told me to click on wouldn't load.
    And I'm having the SAME problem with posting stupid pictures. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

  2. I have the same problem also. It annoys me.
    I like your tree too. It looks like if it gets too big then you won't be able to see out your front window. I couln't zoom in on the yellow lilys either.