Thursday, April 16, 2009


Finally, things are starting to get back in order at the Goodman house. Michael woke up this morning feeling better. He is still getting back into the swing but for the most part is back to work and taking it easy when necessary.

Tyler and Jacob are growing like weeds and in the last two days I have been totally impressed with Tyler's eating. He ate salisbury steak last night and chicken fingers today at lunch, which is pretty impressive since he's a Wendy's chicken nuggets kinda kid.

Eden is also getting so big. Her second front tooth is FINALLY starting to come in. When it's all the way in we will be making a trip to the dentist to discuss when she should have braces. Ahhh. I remember those days and am so glad to be done with them.

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  1. Ahhhh, braces. Gotta hate 'em. I never knew you could get them so young until recently. That would have been AWESOME, instead of doing it at the worst age possible, 14 - 16!