Friday, April 17, 2009

DSLR Cameras

I am following a couple of family members blogs now, as well as (Thanks Louise) and since I am I know that Weezie is savin' up for a DSLR camera.

Louise, I will be completely honest. Some of the recent pictures that you have posted in your blog look like DSLR quality photos, so when you do get one, to everyone else, look out, because she has an incredible eye for what is beautiful. I honestly thought you already had one. (This goes for you to Amy ;o), I love the pic of your crossed feet among so many others)

Michael and I both have a DSLR camera and we both absolutely love them. Both are Canon and Michael could tell you which models they are. I don't pay that much attention. I just know that we have some really awesome shots that I never thought I would be able to say, "hey, I took that picture" like this one that I took of a hosta at French Lick. I don't know if it will show up on the blog but in real life I took this picture of the flower and the buds that are getting ready to bloom because I love that beautiful shade of purple. What I got was a really cool picture of a perfectly formed spider web. Totally unintentional but also so awesome. The picture that I hope I have successfully added to the top of my blog is a picture I took of a bee at Grandpa's place. I'm allergic to bees and never should have been close enough for it to sting me if it were to choose to do so but I had to take it's picture. Can you see the hairs on it's back??? How cool is that!?!

So to anyone who loves taking photos and doesn't have a DSLR I highly recommend them. However, I feel like I should also post a warning so here it comes.

WARNING: DSLR camera's are highly addictive. You will carry it with you everywhere you go simply because you never know when something truly extraordinary will require you to take it's picture. You will find yourself looking for places to go so that you can take pictures of life's simple pleasures. i.e. your kids playing in a field of wildflowers (beautiful pics Louise), places with gardens, again a shout out to Louise, I never thought to take the camera to the Home Depot or Lowes in the gardening section. And in closing it's very important to note that you will find yourself saving for your next lens or accessory to add to the collection and before you know it you will be carrying around a camera bag that is twice as heavy as any diaper bag ever was. (Including the one you carried with the twins that had to have double of EVERYTHING packed into it.) Mark my words. This is NOT an exaggeration.

So when you are ready to go buy, let me know and I will tell you what my favorite lenses are so that you will be equipped with the basics and you can build your collection from there.


  1. I LOVE the bee shot!!! I also have a desire to catch the perfect sunset shots. and of course flowers. I already carry my Canon Powershot with me everywhere! lol.

  2. LOVE the true! I love your bee shot. Louise has the upgrade of my camera and already I'm rubbing Chad's back nightly and saying, Babe...remember when I said I wouldn't ask for another camera for at LEAST 5 years if you got me this one? Guess what! :)

    Oh well...that's why I have Google Adsense, right? Love your blog, Linn. This is so much better to check in on than myspace or facebook. Stories AND pictures!

  3. I just realized I can click on the pictures to enlarge them and finally saw the spider web! Very cool!