Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yard work SUCKS!!!!

I know that I am a big ol' sissy when it comes to being outside and how hot it is and working in the yard. I'm a air conditioning lovin' fool!

The funny thing is that I actually like to mow the grass. I like the way grass smells and I like the way the yard looks once the grass is mowed. I also think I'm pretty good at it. The truth is I'm GREAT at it because I'm anal about how it looks. You won't often find a long patch of tall pieces of grass that got missed because the mower tires were just a little to far over from the last pass. I always go back and get those stragglers because I can't stand to see them. They are like my own personal arch nemesis. I must cut them down! Isn't that totally ridiculous? Why should it matter so long as the grass is getting mowed and we aren't the only a$$holes on the block who hasn't mowed bringing the whole neighborhood down?

We worked outside most of the afternoon. Eden had a birthday party to go to out at Community Park so we took her and the boys out there and man, was it windy. Almost to windy if that's really possible. I say that because one of my favorite things to do on a sunny and breezy day is stand in the middle of a field with my face turned up to the sun, close my eyes and just let the wind blow through my hair. It used to make me feel like a princess, now I just wonder which one of my kids is trying to figure out the most dangerous thing to do while I have my eyes closed.

When we got home from the park we started on the yard. Michael worked on the new weed eater. (It had to be adjusted so that it would run while it idles and continue to run while you're shredding the weeds, and then stay running once you let go of the throttle and return to an idle.) We won't discuss the colorful language that chores like this seem to elicit even from those of us who try really hard not to use those potty words. I love you honey and you did an awesome job! I wouldn't know where to begin with a weed eater so Michael did that part while I mowed the grass. After those chores were done we pulled out several bushes in the front landscaping. They are simply evergreen bushes and they were overgrown and not very attractive to the overall look of the house. The first few bushes weren't to awful hard to get out but the last two like to killed us. Those roots were huge and they were deep but we are persistent and they are officially out of here! They are the bushes that in between the yellow looking ones. This picture is from the yard sale from last spring. I still have tons of baby and toddler clothes! I will post pictures of the way it is right now, and then after we get the flowers in. We are still deciding what all to put in the landscaping. I know I want more flowers, it's just hard to find pretty perennials. Tulips are my favorite and we will put some in somewhere, possibly under the Japanese Maple, and I really like the different shades of lily's so I might get some more of those to put in but we'll see. I just know I want more color!


  1. Ha, laughed out loud on the closing your eyes & wondering which kid is thinking up the most dangerous thing to do. Obviously, you have boys. Boys are crazy.

  2. Lol. My fav part too Amy. I love colors. I keep buying flowers even though I can't afford them right now. It's my crack. Can't make myself stop.

  3. i hate annuals cause you have keep planting them year after year but i run into the same problem not a lot of perinnials with blooms. love your pictures.