Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wild weekend!!!

This weekend we planned to take pictures to finish up some senior pictures for Danielle and take Belly pictures for a friend of ours who is 36 weeks pregnant.

It looked like rain on Friday and they were calling for possible storms so we postponed the senior pictures on Friday night. Instead, we went to the Horseshoe for a while and then came home and watched the end of the first season of How I Met Your Mother. (Thanks Ric for getting us hooked on yet another series, like meth addicts.)

I forgot to mention that the in-laws took the kids with them for the weekend. Shout out to the grandparents!!! WOOT!

So Saturday, I worked from 9 until about 2. Then, the plan was to go to the Mount St. Francis picnic to get some of the best dumplings around. The last Saturday of August every year. It's a tradition!

I say the plan, because we actually made it to the Mount, and when we got out of the car, our 36 weeks pregnant friend looked at me with a funny expression and then said, I think I'm wet. What a really cool experience! (Admittedly, maybe not for her.) I have lots of friends with children, and none of them have had their water break without assistance until now. After some conversation and checking, I suggested that maybe she should call her doctor. That was around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, we immediately left and took them to their car after the doctor suggested that she go to the hospital to get checked out. Our friend is Japanese and this was her first pregnancy. She told me today when we went to visit them at the hospital that she was glad I was with her when it happened. I must say, I'm glad I was too and this was probably one of the best compliments of my life!!

I'm glad we didn't wait to leave until after we ate. Takaru was born at 6:45 p.m. Our friend didn't even have time to get an epidural and I think if we had waited, I would have been delivering my first baby in the back seat of my Toyota Sequoia. Needless to say, we didn't get those belly pictures. I think in a week or so, we will be taking some newborn pictures and I will ask permission to put pictures of the baby on my blog.

Heywood on the left with our master instructor from the Tae Kwon Do school that Michael goes to.

So while our friend was having her first baby, we were getting ready to go see Heywood Banks. If you don't know who Heywood is, look him up on you tube and check out some of his family friendly songs. Big Butter Jesus is one of my favorites. :o)

It was great to have a weekend without the kids, but I sure did miss them and am so happy to have them home. I think that every parent needs at least 24 hours away from their kids to recharge their batteries and be ready for the next wonderful, frustrating, heartwarming, moments that come along.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

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