Thursday, August 13, 2009


So. Last night, we helped Eden get her shower, (she's still figuring out how much liquid soap and shampoo to use) and we get her hair dried and get her to be at 9, (her school days bed time) and she comes in to see me no less than three times. "Mom, I just can't sleep, I'm way to excited!" I tried to remain patient and I explained to her that I understand that she's excited, but she had to get some sleep. The first day of 3rd grade is going to be GREAT!!

Well... this morning, the alarm clock goes off again (we like the snooze A LOT) at 7:00 and Michael rolls out of the bed, because he gets up better than I do, and he comes right back in and says "You gotta come see this." Well, I'm exhausted, because, have I mentioned that the 4 year olds don't sleep through the night? So I ask him "What's going on?" and he says "Eden is sitting on the couch with her back pack." She had been up for God only knows how long and was dressed and ready to go, had brushed her hair and teeth and had her shoes on, just waiting to go to school. That was at 7 am. We can't drop her off at school until 8:10 so needless to say, she was excited about going back to school.

I'm so glad that she loves school so much. I remember liking school until 4th grade. I had an awful teacher and I got a really terrible assignment to write an essay about a heart transplant. I'm about to reveal my age and say, "Back in those days, there was not an Internet, we had to go to the library and look it up in the card catalog, or read about it in the newspaper." In 1982, heart transplants were BRAND SPANKING NEW and there really wasn't much to go on, so I didn't do well on that paper and it was my first bad grade on anything and it just ruined me for the rest of my school career. I liked Choir and Math until 9th grade when they threw me into an algebra class before I had taken a "pre" algebra class. My teacher was a horrible drunk, who never explained anything so I failed miserably and had to take it in summer school. I'm so SO very glad that my kid takes after her daddy when it comes to school. She's so smart and so is he! I couldn't be more proud of either one of them.

So now the pictures.

Here is what the sky looked like when we got in the car to take her to school this morning. Gorgeous!!!!

Look at those rays of sunlight!!!

Here is the excited student! Come on! Let's go!

Another picture of the sky from the parking lot of the school on the way into the building.

Here she is sitting with her classmates, waiting to meet her new teacher. (Only problem is, here teacher is on maternity leave until Sept. 14th) But she does like the substitute that will be teaching class until Ms. Walsh returns.

Look at her with that scarf. She loves dresses!

And last but not least. Here is a picture of Tyler. He is upset because he has already been told that this is sister's school and he can't stay with sissy.

The upside is that after Labor day the boys will be starting PreK and going to their own school three days a week to start their learning process. They are so excited to get started. So, be looking for the "OH MY GOODNESS, I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABIES ARE GOING TO SCHOOL" post that will be coming in just a few short weeks.


  1. It seems like it was harder to send Madyson than the twins. she just seems so young to me. I love Edens hair, btw.

  2. Eden is so stylish for 3rd grade! Micah starts preschool, but they don't offer 3 days a week. Full week or nothing :( He is very excited too!