Monday, August 17, 2009

Gaining Some More Experience

Well, this past weekend was a really busy one. We had so much packed into it that we missed several things.
Michael and I went to Madison on Saturday with a friend from work, Karen, and her daughter Danielle. Danielle is a senior this year, and Karen and I were talking about it one day and she mentioned how senior pictures are so expensive, so I offered to do the pictures for her for a minimum fee and let her and Danielle decide which pictures they like best. Here are a few of the pictures that I shot for them.

This girl has a 1000 watt smile and she was so much fun to work with. Up for anything including climbing around on itchy hay bales.

It was her idea to take a picture with the horse. This beauty was so sweet and seemed to really love the camera.

We found this old Mack truck tucked away in a barn and I thought this looked like a fun pose!

Shot this one on the move! Thanks to Bill for the ride around the farm on the trailer, attached to the 4 wheeler. That's how we got the wind blown picture here. This one is one of my favorites of the day.

And last, but most certainly not least, here is a picture of Dani and Karen together. Are these two ladies not just GORGEOUS?!? ;o)

I had so much fun working with Danielle. We will be taking some more pictures this weekend on the river front with the wide angle lens and the Louisville skyline in the background. I'm looking so forward to it!

I will be working on the rest of the pictures I took this weekend to get them "finished" up. I didn't realize I was shooting on the RAW setting on the camera so I have to go in and save each image as a jpeg so that it can be printed. The up side is that I can edit out anything that shouldn't be there. For instance, the doggies that had so much fun following us around and popping there heads into a picture at just the right moment. LOL.

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