Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unwilling models

After shooting some florals with the new lens last night I wanted to see how it does for portraits.  I managed to take a few pictures of the boys but they were not exactly thrilled to be the target of my lens once again.  Oh well. 

This one wouldn't even look at me.  He's such a character sometimes.

And this one gave me this expression after I took the third picture of him because he was only interested in playing games on the iPhone.

I guess I'll have to call up my friend Amy and see if I can take more pictures of baby Max and her little girl Maddie.  They are so adorable.

Poor Max looks a little scared in this pictures but Maddie is very good with him. 

Then the poor little guy just couldn't take any more excitement for one day and decided that getting his belly full and a nap was in order. I love the blue brown combo on his blanket.

Then there's always flowers.  They may not stand perfectly still depending on how breezy it is outside but they are always a good subject.  I love how only the center flower is in focus.  Bokeh is a beautiful thing!

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