Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Date night

Michael and I don't ever "plan" a date night. On very rare occasions, someone will offer to take all three kids off our hands for a little Mike and me time, and trust me, I know they are a handful. On Friday, my father in law took the kids with him and they spent the night with grandma and grandpa.

I know it won't seem overly exciting to anyone else, but I truly enjoyed every minute of our time together. Here's a recap of what we did. First we went to Hooter's to eat. We could have gone anywhere I wanted and we were planning to go to Mark's Feed Store and then we started listing all the places we hadn't been in a while and Hooter's was one of them. They have the best fried pickles and I was also wanting some buffalo tenders. It was pretty good!

After we left Hooter's we decided to take the cameras and walk across the 2nd Street Bridge, also known as the Clark Memorial Bridge, along with the tripod. I didn't think to factor in the the bridge would have movement due to the traffic on it, but we still got some really nice shots. I love it that we have found something that we can do together! I miss Tae Kwon Do and I'm glad that since I can't do that anymore, we have a common interest again in photography. I think I would like to eventually set up a spot in our basement where we could take family photos for our friends and family and possibly anyone else that wants a good deal on some great shots.

Michael took these.

The Belle of Louisville returning from its Friday night cruise.

Setting up my shot. This is one of the rare occasions of me actually looking through the view finder instead of using the "live view" on the camera while it is on the tripod. The tripod is not fully extended in this picture because if it were, I wouldn't be able to see through the viewfinder. I'm to short, when this tripod is completely set up, it's about 5'6" tall. I'm a whopping 5'2"!
I took these.

I didn't realize I was shooting in black and white for the first few pictures I took. I like this one because you can see what I call "heaven's rays" shooting out the top of the cloud that is covering the sun.
I seriously could not possibly love this man anymore than I already do. I honestly don't know what he sees in me or why he puts up with my bullshit, but I love him for it and thank God every night that he loves me too.

These last two pictures I have been wanting to take since I saw a picture of light streaks on someone's Flickr page. I took the tripod and put the legs down so that all I was using was about three feet off the ground, maybe four and the feet of the tripod are sitting right on the black line that you can see on the side walk. Then, I opened up the shutter for approximately 20 seconds and waited for passing cars. I think the first one is my favorite. It looks kinda like the bridge is on fire. The first is pointing across the bridge heading into Jeffersonville, Indiana and the other is pointing into downtown Louisville, Kentucky.
Michael and I actually walked farther across the bridge than we thought and so we walked back to the truck and were trying to decided what to do next, go home or go to a movie. We opted to go see Transformers 2. The reviews have not been kind and while there are a few parts of the movie that are not necessary, I did enjoy it. Of course, part of the reason is I love the sound of the robots transforming and HELLO.... Shia LaBeouf. The down side to see a movie.... HOLY CRAP it's expensive. For two tickets, a large coke, a small coke and a box of sweettarts it was $40. No, that's not a typo! $40.00.
So that was my date night, followed by a nice evening without having two little boys enter our bed sometime in the middle of the night and sleeping in past 7:30. I think it was around 8:15 when Mike got up and I finally got up around 8:45. I still consider this early. If I'm up before Target is open, it's still early. Right?


  1. I love the pictures! The Belle of Louisville and the one you took of Michael are my favs.

  2. LOVE the pictures and your date night! Dinner and then some photography with your hubby...doesn't get any better than that!!!

  3. This sounds great. We have the same problem and rarely get a "date night". We're lucky because our little small town movie theatre has a "free popcorn" Wednesday. You get a free small box of popcorn and a free small drink. The tickets are only $6. You should check if you've got a small town near you!

    Your shots are great, by the way. Good job!